Friday, June 22, 2012


Sharecash is another easy way to earn money.Well, not so easy if you don't work on it, but a few hours of hard work a day and you could earn quite a big bunch of money.

Basically it works like that: you upload something to their website and whenever people download it, you get 20 to 60 cents per download. Imagine for a minute that 1000 people a day downloads something you have uploaded to their site and well 40 cents is the average amount you get per download. 1000 x 40= 40000 cents, which is $400. That's a quite good amount of money for a day, isn't it? That's $12000 a month. WOW! And that's only for one file. 10 files with same amount of downloads makes $120000 a month.

Of course it may sound easy. You upload something to their website and now money starts flowing in. Nope. Not so easy. The hardest thing to do is to advertisee the thing that you want people to download. Easiest places to advertise it are Facebook and Twitter of course and maybe Youtube. But if you're looking for some big money then you should make one high rank website which has a lot of traffic coming in and put the link out there but well, that's just a thought.

I haven't dealt with Sharecash a lot myself, but I have some good friends who has, and quite well actually.

Anyway, if you want to find out more about Sharecash then don't forget to check out their website yourself.

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