Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Fiverr has been on the internet for a few years now. This place itself offers people to offer their services for $5. You can offer absolutely everything! Starting from dancing as a banana and ending with voice recording. I truly mean everything.

Basically you make a gig with headline, description, tags and you add some images (max. 3) to describe the gig even better. Then your gig will be uploaded to Fiverr search engines, so if someone searches some tag which your gig has too he may find precisely your gig. So now, if he will order from you then he has to send over the information about the order and you, of course, have to complete the order. If he's not satisfied with the service then he may ask you for revisions, otherwise he may simply give you a negative rating. But of course It's better to try to satisfy all the customers and keep your ratings positive because this way you have a bigger possibility to get higher rankings in Fiverr search engine and that, of course, drives more traffic to your gig which results more orders.

Also there is one more thing. Fiverr takes $1 per every order. So per one order you get $4, not $5. Yes, seller pays $5, but you get only $4. This is problably the only negative side of the Fiverr. Well, actually that's not the only negative side. Of course there are also some really demanding customers who simply want too much, but luckily most of the customers are quite friendly and understand how much they can get for $5.

Well, that's Fiverr. If you want to find out more about it then check out the website yourself. :)

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